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Try On Service

Sale price £200

For a modest, refundable fee, we offer a try-on service. We will craft an exact model of your finished piece using either non-precious metals or silver, along with synthetic or simulated diamonds/gemstones. This way, you can experience the final piece before committing fully. The service is 100% refundable if you choose to proceed with creating your ring.

Simply specify in the notes which ring you'd like a replica of, and we will reach out to handle the rest.

Our try-on service has proven to be an excellent option for those contemplating a proposal but are uncertain about their partner's preferred style or design. A model ring can be used for the initial proposal, and later, both of you can visit our office to design the final ring together, creating more memories and extending the celebration.

Talk to our diamond experts who will guide your every step of the way. Please click here to book an appointment or call or text us on 020 3960 4489

Try On Service - HOUSE PRESTON
Try On Service Sale price £200
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